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September Girls (novel review)

By on June 29, 2013

September-Girls cover

Regularly, I write my thoughts via poetry. Oftentimes, I read books to better my poetry, and sometimes, I even write reviews about said books. Every then and again, I am given monies in exchange for those novel reviews, and this makes my pocket happy. (Sadly, poetry doesn’t pay monetarily as quickly.) So, while this is just some straight up prose, I’d like to think that my poetic voice comes across in it, at least a little bit. (What say you, dear reader?)

Anyway, here’s the link to the freelance reviewing I did of author Bennett Madison’s YA novel September Girls for BookPage. Check it out if you’d like some insider knowledge for selecting your next novel to hold in front of your face for hours. I’m here for you, because I’m literate like that.

(P.S. – This similarly-titled track, by the now-defunct band Jupiter Sunrise, cycled through my head every time I cracked this book open. Enjoy some jams with your words. Video is homebrew, so ignore if you wish.)


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