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The Atlanta Kickstarter Gathering

By on December 11, 2013
Original Atlanta skyline photo by user apple.white2010 (Flickr).

Original Atlanta skyline photo by user apple.white2010 (Flickr).

While researching how to grow support organically for a crowdfunding campaign, I came up with this idea that’s (in my humble opinion) hinting at genius. I decided to take simple, digital cross-promotion one step further and to extend it into the real world. So now I’m organizing the first ever Atlanta Kickstarter Gathering on behalf of The Acorn’s Kickstarter project to rally all the local Kickstarter projects in the greater Atlanta area.

The seed of the idea came from a single conversation with a true genius, Jacob Weiss, from whom I learned the concept of “coopertition,” which is when competitive people or companies cooperate with each other to reach a higher level of success or value together than if they had attempted to go it alone.

In that vein, there’s no reason why our individual Kickstarter  projects should have to feel isolated in fundraising for their various projects, especially when there’s a community of like-minded folks quietly surrounding them. Plus, we could all stand to benefit from some cross-promotion, and the best way to do this is to share our words, ideas, and networks with each other.

So if you live around Atlanta and are interested in networking with fellow crowdfunders, innovators, and entrepreneurs, swing on by and come get to know us as we get to know each other.

(Click here, or on the image above to see all the event details.)


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