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Eleven (for another Katrina anniversary)

By on August 30, 2016
"the gulf's bastard breathes in 11 today / and we’re still trying to wipe away / her flood lines marking our sinking houses"
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“All These Things I’ve Said” – Listen to My Poems and Stories, Live Now at the Atlanta Fringe Fest Audio!

By on June 2, 2016
An audio smattering of my written work and spoken words performed and recorded around Atlanta, now collected and accepted into the Atlanta Fringe Fest.
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My Top 6 Poems of the 30/30 Poetry Challenge 2016

By on May 3, 2016
I’ve compiled this list of top six to help you get your quick poetic fix.
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Day 30 – Hurricane K, or Why We Name Storms After People

By on April 30, 2016
"the calm at her core had deceived you, lured you and let you think you were the lure"
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Day 29 – James Bond Attempts Seduction Poetry (Found Poem)

By on April 30, 2016
"I’d come in like a rattlesnake, then stop as dead as a live man can."