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30/30 Poetry Challenge (2017) Creative Writing Poetry Prose

Day 14 – Rekindle

By on May 30, 2017



You’re in the woods, it’s about to turn dark, and you’ve got just one last match left to save your life. Because without the warmth of this fire, you will slowly shiver, lose limb, freeze, and die. And you’re not ready…


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Creative Writing I Done Got Published! Performance Poetry Prose Uncategorized

“All These Things I’ve Said” – Listen to My Poems and Stories, Live Now at the Atlanta Fringe Fest Audio!

By on June 2, 2016
An audio smattering of my written work and spoken words performed and recorded around Atlanta, now collected and accepted into the Atlanta Fringe Fest.


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30/30 Poetry Challenge (2016) Creative Writing Poetry Prose Uncategorized

Day 17 – Two Literalists Attempt Humor

By on April 17, 2016
So a blonde girl, a black guy, and an Indian guy walk into this comedy nightclub, right.


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    • My people! (But forreal though.) #Croatia makin' history and going to the #WorldCup finals for the first time ever. This is the most amped I've ever been and will ever be about watching sports. #soccer, #futbol
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