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  • So I crossed another item off my #NewOrleans bucket list yesterday: finally ran the Crescent City Classic! #ccc10k // I finished the race at exactly an hour for the 6.2 mile course, giving me a pace of 10 min./mile. Didn't stop the whole time, which was my only goal. Really proud of this given the very minimal training I'd done. Admittedly, the body hurts a bit today though. // The weather was gorgeous and seeing the city in this way was so very unique, and I'm glad I got to share the moment with my sister. :) #running #RaceNewb
  • Got the chance to spend today doing some quality day-drinking in #NewOrleans with my leeeedle sister for her 25th birthday. Love ya, Brooketsa! #HalfWayToFifty, #StillYoungerThanMe
  • As seen in a gas station in Whereinthefuck, Alabama. There's layers here, folks. If you keep looking, you keep finding hidden redneck gems in there. #NoneOfThisGoesTogether
  • Y'all, if ya missed out on the #DadsGarage carnival yesterday, ya done goofed. #Hilarious people, great times, and gorgeous weather. Happy to have volunteered with these amazing folks. #Atlanta, #WhosYourDaddy
  • I'm still thinking about this phenomenal #play that I had the honor of seeing last night. Still extracting lessons from Topher's great #writing (so many plot twists!) and Gina's, Parris', and the whole cast's spot-on acting! The #Atlanta #theater scene is stacked, y'all! #art
  • That time the undefinable #artist and #storyteller @mintonsparks came to #Atlanta and wowed the crowd at the intimate and warm @groceryonhome. I first saw her perform in college 8 years ago, and I knew immediately that I wanted to see her again. (Thanks, @liesel.sloan!) #community

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By on February 10, 2017


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