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30/30 Poetry Revisions Challenge (2013)

Day 10 – Old People Talking

By on April 10, 2013

When I make my monthly phone call to my grandmother,
I always have mic’d earbuds plugged into my phone
and something else running in the back of my head.
Normally I call when I’m making dinner,
when my repetitive chopping of yellow onions and green peppers
matches the repetition of her day-in and day-out…


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30/30 Poetry Revisions Challenge (2013)

Day 9 – Why I’m Quiet

By on April 9, 2013

In the waterlands where I was raised,
we were groomed to assume this unspoken rule
of You speak when spoken to.

Deference was paid in increments of silence.
We showed respect for our wisers and elders
by not bothering them with our childish trifles.

At the dinner table,
the men spoke while the women cooked.
Boys and…


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30/30 Poetry Revisions Challenge (2013)

Day 8 – Is This What a Quarter-Life Crisis Feels Like?

By on April 8, 2013

And she leans over to me and whispers
“I don’t really like your professional self.
It’s not you, or at least not the you that I love.”

She’s pushed hard for me to be real before,
But any time since that confession,
Her voice has echoed brass in my head
Whenever my instinct to…


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30/30 Poetry Revisions Challenge (2013)

Day 7 – The Smallness of Babies

By on April 7, 2013

Earlier today I was punched by an unborn baby,
and it was one of the weirdest feelings of my life.
There were two crammed inside my short cousin’s watermelon belly,
and after palming her bursting waist for a quarter-hour –
their mother gently poking them where their little butts might have been…


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30/30 Poetry Revisions Challenge (2013)

Day 6 – And Today Was a Day Just Like Any Other

By on April 6, 2013

I woke up this morning beside my girlfriend’s nearly-naked body,
Slipped on my slippers,
And took a piss,
just like I do every morning I wake up.

My mind wandered, as it often does when I’m relieving myself,
And remembered that today was to bring certain doom from the cosmos.
Fire, brimstone, meteors,…


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30/30 Poetry Revisions Challenge (2013)

Day 5 – The Ghosts of Oswiecim

By on April 5, 2013

Tonight I semi-sleep with head on hands on knees
at the top of a worn, faux-marble staircase.
I choose this spot because of the protection it affords
from the slumbering hobos in the windowsills,
the wandering Polish cowboy with a limp,
and the cold that still draws the life from my wet toes.
I shiver…


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30/30 Poetry Revisions Challenge (2013)

Protected: Day 4 – Gay Sex

By on April 4, 2013

(The following is a poetically-edited excerpt from an ongoing email thread with one of my best friends from high school. He is gay, but has only revealed this to select people from back home.)

“Sexuality is a strange but simple thing
our society feels the need to over-complicate.
We’re compelled to slap…

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30/30 Poetry Revisions Challenge (2013)

Day 3 – The Highway Tolls

By on April 3, 2013

Every morning I drive to work,
I pass under this ominous, brown, digital sign
with boxy, orange lettering on the interstate.

From its scaffolded metal podium hanging high above the road,
it orates to the masses,
“Tennessee Roadway Fatalities,”
coupled with the most current figure
and a polite plead for every driver to operate safely
to avoid…


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30/30 Poetry Revisions Challenge (2013)

Day 2 – Suit Up

By on April 2, 2013

The men in my family don’t have a good history for many things.
We’re prone to baldness, allergies, bad backs,
smoking, drinking, gambling,
cancer, diabetes, and heart attacks.
But, hot damn, do we clean up well.

Give us 30 minutes and watch as
Sweat-soaked shirts and sun-beaten beards
Evolve into coats and ties coupled with defined…


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30/30 Poetry Revisions Challenge (2013)

Day 1 – Poem Sirloin, Well Done, Please.

By on April 1, 2013

The restaurant sign—
with typeface and color scheme both old-world and hipster-chic –
drew me in for a sit-down dinner
where the waiter handed me a menu only to direct my attention elsewhere
when he started reading aloud from the unprinted list of “literatur’ du jour.”

When he finished, in my ignorance, I blurted…

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    • Also, the other thing I did last weekend: performed in this super fun #improv show! Thanks to @stillsarahackerman and @laughingmatterscomedy for letting me play with y’all in #BattleActs, and for the homies for coming out to support. (Lenise is still a beast, even though she lost the crown.)
    • This past weekend, I had the super cool opportunity to lead 2 panels at a legit #writers conference right here in #Atlanta. Thank you to @broadleafwriters, @zacharysteele23, and @rileymccarthy76 for trusting me to ask some good questions and to keep a room full of writers engaged. I learned a lot and got to spend some quality time with some quality friends - both new and old. Looking forward to next year already. #bwc19, #writing
    • So it’s 3am over in Split, #Croatia - the land of my #family, of my people - and as I lay here, restless, I can’t help but think about the passing of yet another anniversary of #HurricaneKatrina and it’s devastation to my #NewOrleans #home, another land full of my family and people. // Earlier today, on vacation, as we toured together the ancient palace of the Roman Emperor Diocletian, our wonderful tour guide pointed out the different eras and styles of construction that showed their faces throughout, and how the people of the city have always used it as a living structure. Despite political and actual wars, changes in faith and leaders, and thousands of years of time, the structure still stands and lives, and the people keep adapting and living right along with it. // I’ll post more pictures later, but for now, I’m too busy enjoying these rare moments with loved ones both near and far to let the sadness of loss long ago seep in. Maybe this is healing. Maybe this is adapting. Maybe this is living. And, man, ain’t that somethin.
    • Guess who just moved on down to #Atlanta, y'all?! #Vandy, #Fraaands, #ReuniteTheAdmiralsClub, #GonnaWinAllTheTriviaNightsNow, #MetaNashvilleFilter
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